My Favourite Childhood Books

I’ve mentioned this time and time again on this blog, but I’ll say it once more – I have always loved reading for as long as I can remember. With that being said, over the years my favourite book has changed numerous times. However, when I was a little kid my favourite two books always stayed the same.

The following two books were my favourites when I was a child (and if I’m being honest, these books are still incredible and I would love to reread them).

Chicken Soup for Little Souls Della Splatnuk, Birthday Girl by Lisa McCourt

51FTWU9g8QL._SX374_BO1,204,203,200_This picture book is about a young girl (Carrie) who is invited to a birthday party. However, she doesn’t want to attend since none of her friends are as they think the birthday girl (Della) is ‘weird’.

I have read this book countless times and I believe it is one of the main reasons I have a fear of no one showing up to children’s birthday parties (not even my own birthday parties). Seriously, every time a child tells me they’re having a birthday party my mind automatically jumps to ‘what if no one shows up’, ‘how disappointed will they be?’, and ‘oh my gosh, I hope people show up’.

I wish I was joking.

Although, this book is incredible for children to read because not only are the illustrations great, but it also acts as an amazing learning tool to teach kids that they shouldn’t do things just because their friends are, and that they shouldn’t judge people.

Photo is courtesy of Amazon.


Chicken Soup for Little Souls The New Kid and the Cookie Thief by Lisa McCourt

51rNe7m5mYL._SX372_BO1,204,203,200_This Chicken Soup for the Little Souls book follows the story of Julie, a shy girl who is nervous about her first day at a new school.

Much like the previous children’s book I mentioned, the illustrations in this book are phenomenal. However, that’s not all. This book will teach children not to jump to conclusions, and that they can make friends when they are least expecting it.

On another note, the book will also make readers really want to indulge in some cookies (chocolate chip anyone?).

Photo is courtesy of Amazon.


I can’t explain why these two books made such an impact on me, or why I can still remember them to a tea even though I haven’t read them in years.

All I know is that these two books were the first books I remember reading that made me really understand empathy, even before I knew what that meant.

What were some of your favourite childhood books?




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