4 Ways to Avoid the Hustle and Bustle of Las Vegas

In a COVID-19 free world, people from all over the world flock to Las Vegas all throughout the year to experience the city’s nightlife, restaurants, casinos, and everything in between.

Since there is so much to do in the city that never sleeps, it can often get very busy and chaotic. This has the potential to become very overwhelming. The good news, however, is that there are many ways to avoid the craziness of Vegas if you’re finding you need to step back for a minute.

Here are four ways to avoid the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

Plan a Pool Day

 One of the easiest and most effective ways to escape the liveliness of the city is to plan a pool day. This can either take place at the pool of the hotel you’re staying at or at another hotel (some of the hotels on the strip allow non-guests to spend some time at their pool). So, grab a book, some sunscreen (you’ll need it), your headphones, a cold drink, and whatever else you may need and get ready to relax.

Woman dipping her feet in a pool.
There is nothing better than spending a day by the pool.

Spending a day at the pool is also a great way to stay cool if you’re travelling in the summer months.

Shop at the Fashion Show Mall

 The Fashion Show Mall can still get pretty busy don’t get us wrong – especially if you’re traveling during peak season (April to September), but it is on this list for a good reason.

The Fashion Show Mall, unlike the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and the Grand Canal Shoppes, is less targeted towards Las Vegas tourists and more towards Las Vegas locals. The mall gives off the feeling of being less busy but that should not leave visitors with the idea that it has less to offer. The Fashion Show still has a countless number of shops to explore and restaurants to eat at. To top it all off, it is air-conditioned, so you can get away from the mass of people on the strip all while staying cool and you don’t even need to spend any money to do so.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

This will definitely be the priciest idea on this list but it’ll be worth every penny. Not only will you be taking a break from the excitement of Vegas but you will also be giving your hair, feet, face, and/or nails some TLC which may be needed after all the walking you’ve probably done or will do.

Some of the hotels on the strip have excellent spas but if you want to get away from the vacation atmosphere completely, stand-alone shops are not hard to find.

Relax in Your Hotel Room

 Now, we know what you’re thinking. Did they really put ‘relax in your hotel room’ on this list? Yes, we did, now hear us out.

While this is a seemingly very easy thing to do, it is probably one of the hardest to accomplish on this list because even just the idea of staying in your room may leave you with some serious FOMO. But grabbing some snacks, lying in bed and watching a movie, or reading a book, may just be the revitalization you need to get back out there.


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