How You Can Make Your Next Book Buying Experience More Fun

The process of buying a new book is always exciting but if you could make it even more so, why not right?

Back in April, I received a gift card to go to Epic Books here in Hamilton. At the time the store was just doing online or phone orders, and curbside pickup. When I called to place my order, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what book I wanted to buy. So, when I called I told the women to surprise me (mind you, I did tell her that I wanted to read either a romance or horror novel). She asked me a few questions about the types of books I liked to read, and a what few of my recent favourites where. Before I knew it she said she had a book within my gift card limit she thought I would love. 

I headed down to the store a few days later excited to see the book that had been picked out for me. 

I got to Locke Street (for the first time in what felt like months), parked, and headed toward the bookstore. This all occurred at a time when it was just getting warm in Hamilton, so the walk towards Epic Books on a sunny day in April felt like pure bliss.

The book that had been picked out for me was The Cactus by Sarah Haywood.

The book cover for The Cactus by Sarah Haywood.
Book cover is courtesy of Indigo.

This is the first in my life I have ever done anything like this – telling someone to ‘just surprise me’. I was not disappointed. I found The Cactus to be one of those books that has something for everyone: it was humorous at times, sad at times, and maddening at others (in the best way possible). In general, I found myself incredibly invested in the stories of the main characters and was constantly itching to find out what would happen to them.

Had it not been picked out for me, I don’t think I ever would have heard about or read The Cactus. I have been trying to venture outside of my reading comfort level lately and this was an excellent way to do so.

If you are also looking for a way to break outside your reading bubble, and make your next book-buying experience more fun I highly suggest you tell whoever you’re buying from to just surprise you.

You won’t be let down.


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