How to Romanticize Reading This Winter 

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home,” Edith Sitwell.

Let’s face it … winter can be hard – the days are shorter, there’s less sunlight, and oftentimes (especially in Canada) it is frigid cold. So, it makes sense that it can be common to lose interest in what may have once brought you joy. I often lose interest in reading in the winter because all I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket, sip on a hot tea, and reminisce on past summer days that seem oh so long ago. 

However, one way I like to rekindle my love of reading during is by making an event out of it … some may even say romanticizing it.

What does this mean though?

“To romanticize your life is to live at a slower pace,” notes Cultivate Simple Delights. “It is about appreciating the beauty of simple pleasures. To live a romanticized life is to be content and grateful for all that already exists within you and your life.”

With that said, here are some ways you can romanticize reading this winter. 

Light Your Favourite Candle and Make a Hot Drink

For me, lighting a candle and sipping on a hot drink (tea or hot chocolate are my go-to) instantly make me feel calm and more relaxed – it’s like a switch goes off in my brain. With this feeling, it’s much easier for me to disconnect from daily life and just sink into what I’m reading.

Someone lighting a candle.

Sit by the Fireplace

I know not everyone has a fireplace (or likes the constant heat they give off) … having a YouTube video with a fireplace on in background (and relaxing music) is a great option too – creating a sense of warmth is key for me when it comes to romanticizing reading in the winter!

A fireplace with real wood.

Reread a Favourite

There’s nothing better than returning to a beloved favourite … need I say more? It will instantly bring you joy (for me this is The Chronicles of Narnia).

Make a Day Out of It

If you have a day off work or school making a whole day out of reading is a wonderful way to romanticize the activity. Put some comfy clothes on, take yourself to a coffeeshop in the morning, create a schedule, plan some stretch breaks, and crack open your book. I am a bit of a nerd because I thrive off having specific schedules, but I love romanticizing my reading by creating daily schedules (when I can) as if I was back in elementary school. 

Read in the Bathtub

I sadly do not have this privilege anymore but when I did … there was nothing more luxurious to me than relaxing with a hot bath and reading (bath bubbles galore).

Write About What You’ve Read

I love romanticizing reading by immersing myself more in the world the book takes place – for me this looks like writing about what I’m reading (the characters, predictions, feelings, etc.). I know not everyone likes writing, however – creating Pinterest mood boards and music playlists are good methods for that extra immersion too. 

Be Kind to Yourself

The last way I like to romanticize my reading (and often the hardest) is being easy on myself – not feeling upset or guilty if I’m behind in my reading goals, not feeling guilty about the types of books I’m reading (‘I should be reading more classics than I am…’), etc. 

Reading is supposed to be a fun activity so try not to put too much pressure on yourself to read a certain number of books, get into a new genre, or read a certain number of pages each day, etc. At the end of the day … read what you enjoy and what makes you happy. 

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