Gifting Books During the Holiday Season

Even though Christmas is over the holiday season is definitely not. New Year’s is coming, and even once this holiday is over I like to hold onto the spirit of the season for as long as possible. A few ways this can be done is through the food that is often left over (we will be eating turkey sandwiches for days), the memories created, and the gifts that were given and received.

One gift that I like to give (and receive) in particular that often helps remind me of the joy of Christmas year-round is books.

Why People Should Gift Books

In an old Vlog Brothers YouTube video, John Green briefly shared his thoughts on giving books as presents during the holiday season. In the video, he said that books make excellent presents because they last – both the story itself will often stay with the reader for years to come and the actual physical book will, more likely than not, stay on reader’s shelf as well. Maybe I’m a little biased because John Green has been one of my favourite authors for quite some time now, but I couldn’t agree with this more.

Besides just the quality, books also make incredible gifts due to the comfort they bring (maybe it’s just me). There’s something so special about sitting by the Christmas tree with a cup of hot chocolate, in cozy pajamas, while reading a new book with a candle lit (again, maybe this is just me).

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that reading during the fall time is one of my favourite times to read. As a result of everything already mentioned, and the holiday season in general just, for the most part, being happy and warm, reading during the holidays is also one of my favourite times to read.

Christmas Reading 2018

With all this being said, this holiday season I gifted two books – Educatedby Tara Westover to my mother and Home Bodyby Joanna Gaines to my sister.  Home Bodywas a book my sister had been asking for and I remembered my mom’s initial interest in Educatedafter seeing it in Indigo and decided to buy it for her.

I also received some incredible books this year. My sister bought me Girl, Wash Your Faceby Rachel Hollis (I’ve already started reading this and it is incredible) and my mom bought me the Crazy Rich Asiansbox set (I refuse to watch the movie until I read the book).

What books did you give and receive this year?


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